Hi friends !

I am Audrey. This game is inspired by a true story. We live in NZ and we are french. In France, close to our place, we had sheep, alpacas, rheas... A nightmare for us but a dream for flies !

This game is :
- Inspired by Matteo Dubois (9YO). Matteo would like to be a business man and created his company. It is done 😀

- Designed by Quentin Dubois. He dreams to become an artist ! He drew every flies with creativity and happiness ! 🤩

- Created by Audrey Dubois. I am a consultant in communication and an artist too. I love challenges ! In one minute, I said YES to the project !

- The serial catcher is inspired by Benjamin Dubois. He can catch 50 flies with his hand in few minutes 🤪. He is the executive chief ! We showed him our work and he made modifications "YEAH, NAH"....Then, he made major corporate decisions.

We enjoyed to develop this card game together ! It was amazing. Each one has skills to manage this new challenge ! A lot of smiles, sharing, discussions, arguments and happiness !

Now, we hope you'll like the game ! Matteo counts on you to realise his dream !

FFF - Fly Funky Fly ©2023 Original edition
Created by Dubfam